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What Can Occur If You Brush Your Teeth More Than Twice a Day?

Teeth stains are possible.

Your teeth’s thin enamel covering shields and safeguards them. Even though enamel is the body’s toughest tissue, it is nonetheless easily broken. Too much tooth brushing can wear down the enamel on your teeth.

The second layer of your teeth, dentin, may start to show when your enamel deteriorates, either in isolated patches or throughout the entire tooth. Because the dentin is yellow, if your enamel is compromised, your teeth may also turn yellow.

It might make teeth more sensitive

Increased sensitivity of the teeth is another adverse impact of damaged enamel. Any meal or beverage that is extremely acidic or even sweet, or that is hot or cold, might cause unpleasant reactions. You can change your toothpaste, brush your teeth more softly, and only do it twice a day to resolve this problem.

You may begin developing more cavities

While we typically clean our teeth twice a day to avoid cavities and tooth decay, brushing too frequently can have the exact opposite effect. You can wear down both the enamel and the dentin by brushing your teeth more than twice a day for an extended length of time. If left untreated, cavities can even result in infection and tooth loss.

Your gums may start to shrink and swell as a result

Gum damage is another sign of overbrushing your teeth. Your gums may turn red, swollen, and irritated. It might even bleed, and it might become excruciatingly uncomfortable. Additionally, receding gums might leave your teeth’s roots vulnerable to infection and decay.

What to do in place of excessive tooth brushing

Most persons who brush their teeth excessively do so in the pursuit of healthier, whiter teeth and improved oral hygiene. However, there are other additional options besides overbrushing. It is crucial and can lead to far better results to include flossing and mouthwash in your practice.

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