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Six Cosmetic Tricks to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

Despite our best efforts, tooth decay is still caused by food, coffee, and the passage of time. With time, everyone’s teeth become more yellow. How can famous people maintain such radiant, flawlessly white smiles all the time? The effects of some of them using a few easy makeup tricks are rather remarkable, while others may spend hours and hours at the dentist.

1.Use a nude color to define and outline your mouth.

Even though lip liners are almost as crucial as lipsticks, they are sometimes overlooked. It aids in defining the shape of the mouth to provide significantly more volume and extend the longevity of the lipstick’s color. Using a lip liner in a nude tone will help your teeth stand out and appear whiter. Your smile will be lot more vibrant, and your mouth will appear larger. Start by drawing the outline of the Cupid’s arch to properly apply it (the arch at the top of the lip, under the nose). After that, connect the arch’s ends to the corners of your mouth. Outline the center of the lower lip first, and then extend the line to both ends of the lip.Finally, use a lipstick that is approximately two shades darker or the same shade to color the remaining lips. When it happens, you’ll be prepared to flash your pearl-white teeth.

2.Use highlighting.

Anyone who enjoys wearing makeup should keep a highlighter in a secure location in their makeup bag. You can use this product to draw attention to certain facial features, giving your face a more brighter and more colorful appearance. Of course, your smile is also included in it. You should apply it, among other locations, to your nose’s bridge, your Cupid’s arch, and the bone above your cheekbones. Put a tiny bit of highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes if you also want to give them a bigger appearance.

3.Opt for a tanned appearance.

You undoubtedly already know that bronzer or bronzing powder can give you the appearance of having sun-kissed skin. The fact that they can also help your teeth look whiter is not widely understood, though. Choose a matte bronzer to make your skin stand out and create more contrast with your pearly white teeth. Apply it on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, and, like the highlighter, your Cupid’s arch for optimum results. Of course, if you want a more even color sensation, you can apply the bronzer to your entire face. However, be careful not to overdo it so that it doesn’t appear contrived, as it would make the technique less effective.

4.Bring the focus to your eyes.

To draw attention away from your teeth and cause people to look at your eyes instead of your mouth, it’s important to use the proper eye makeup. Black eyeliner and lots of mascara are some essentials for executing this trick. When choosing eyeshadow, use blue hues (such as light blue, purple, green, or turquoise) because they will contrast more with your teeth and draw attention to your eyes. Orange-based hues should be avoided as they could make your teeth appear more yellow.

5.Put on blue lipstick.

Beyoncé’s makeup artist, Sir John, has been applying this hack to make famous people’s smiles appear whiter for a while. He believes that wearing lipstick with cool undertones or blue undertones will help him achieve a dazzling, white smile. You can choose purple if you want to be daring. If you’d like a more traditional alternative, go with a nude color with brown or even fuchsia overtones or a cherry red with a blue foundation. Your teeth will appear significantly whiter because to the contrast created by all these colors. Avoid orange or copper lipsticks since they will give your teeth enamel a yellowish back tone, just like with eye shadow.

6.Apply plenty of lip gloss.

Lip gloss is the ideal cosmetic to enhance the brightness and volume of your mouth. And of course, to provide the appearance of whiter teeth. It is crucial to thoroughly hydrate your lips with a balm before applying it. Apply a lipstick with bluish undertones next, and then generously coat your lips in gloss, paying careful attention to the center of your lips. Your mouth will appear brighter and your teeth will stand out as a result of doing this.

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