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Dentists Finally Solve the Debate on Should You Brush Your Teeth Before or After Breakfast

Although brushing your teeth is important, many individuals are unaware that doing it too frequently might damage the enamel. Or that it’s not a good idea to cover your toothbrush. There are simple things we do every day that are detrimental to our oral hygiene.

The experts’ recommendation for the ideal brushing period

Many people schedule a precise time to brush their teeth every day to establish a pattern; the most popular times are right after waking up in the morning and right before bed. But when should you brush your teeth in the morning—before or after breakfast? According to experts, you should always brush them first.

advantages of brushing teeth before breakfast

The germs in your mouth multiply while you’re sleeping. You usually wake up with a terrible taste in your mouth and bad breath since the same bacteria that causes plaque is also the cause of both. In order to prevent plaque and bacteria from getting on the morning meal you’re about to consume, brushing your teeth as soon as you get up gives them a fluoride coating before you eat.

Cons of tooth cleaning after breakfast

In addition, it is not advised to brush your teeth for at least 30 minutes after consuming acidic food or beverage, such as toast, coffee, or orange juice—traditional breakfast items. Studies show that brushing before breakfast is preferable because brushing after eating can damage your tooth enamel. So, keep this in mind when you awaken tomorrow.

Some advice for individuals who continue to brush after breakfast

Following these guidelines can help you maintain your dental and oral health, even if cleaning your teeth after eating still works best for your schedule:

  • After eating, wait 30 to 60 minutes before brushing your teeth.
  • Drink some water or chew some sugar-free gum to help you feel better in your mouth and to clean your teeth.
  • Avoid consuming acidic foods and beverages including bread, pastries, dried fruit, citrus fruit, and orange juice, and if you do, wait a bit longer before cleaning your teeth after breakfast.

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